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Golden Globe Race

Janszoon Maritiem created the Harbour flags and sail logo's for the GGR (Golden Globe Race) participant Mark Slats with SY Ophen Maverickaa Rustler 36 has been renamed Ohpen Maverick following support from Ophen, builders of the world’s first cloud based core banking engine.


GGR Programme in Les Sables d’Olonne June-16 July 1st

The GGR Race Village will open each day from 10:00am to 8:00pm and until 02:00 on Fridays and Saturdays. Visitors will find the GGR yachts and skippers on the Vendée Globe pontoons, and admire the historic solo yachts – Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s Suhaili, Bernard Moitessier’s Joshua and Sir Francis Chichester’s Gipsy Moth IV, together with Eric Tabarly’s Pen Duick III and Pen Duick VI. There is something for all ages: Learn to navigate with the stars and instruments of the past, attend conferences, interviews and demonstrations, participate in workshops and boat baptisms, and the conviviality of the Bar Guinguette during evening concerts.

The Race Village is open to the public from June 16 to 30, and is free of charge.

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Water in its Purest Form has Powerful Cleaning Abilities

Ultra pure water naturally absorbs dirt and air pollution particles commonly found in ports and urban areas, whereas tap water, which contains minerals and dirt, does not.  


Furthermore, when used in a simultaneous rinsing method with a CrystalWash spray brush, dirt is flawlessly knocked off surfaces and impurities are removed leaving a perfectly spot-free surface.   


Washing down requires considerably less detergent -- only the most persistent, greasy stains require a spray of soap.

In the long term, regular use of ultra pure water significantly slows the natural progression of clouding and fading of surfaces, and subsequently reducing the need for polishing and buffing -- which cause micro-scratches -- resulting in lasting durability of shiny surfaces.

CystalWash recommends the occasional application of a UV-Protective polishing/non-beading liquid to support this brilliance.


Regular rinsing down with a CrystalWash spray gun removes impurities that accumulate on a daily basis or on very salty sailing days without requiring the hours typically needed to wipe down. 

For example, when using CrystalWash to rinse down a 25m motor yacht with a fly bridge, the task can be completed by just one person in about an hour -- including rinsing the hull.  And, after an hour of natural drying (at approx. 25X C) and no wiping, you can be certain to have impeccable surfaces without any trace of streaks or water marks.