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In Time. That's what our work is all about at Janszoon Maritiem. We deliver high quality and result-focused work to make a vital difference.

We take up the challenge with almost any problem in our industry. Janszoon Maritiem's knowledge and professional network extend beyond the maritime industry: A strong and unique combination and as such, one special asset more. We have the capacities to put together a team of experts on short notice, if necessary. An efficient team which can provide optimal solutions for a wide range of problems. 

Call in the best. Work with us.

Our services:

  • Resolve a wide range of problems and manage most complex projects

  • Heavy loads, ship transportation

  • Marine Salvage

  • Project planning for salvage works

  • Methodology

  • Environmental safety

  • Contingencies

  • Calculations

  • On-site management: Daily reports, staff management, provision of expertise

  • Equipment Supplies

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Robson Bight fuel truck salvage

Video of an extraordinary recovery operation of a tanker truck from 1300ft/350 meters deep in the Robson Bight Ecological Killer Whale Reserve, North of Vancouver Island.

Mauritania werk removal
ROV works gold recovery
Flying the JZM
Le Havre
Dock crane
Salvage mobilisation Punta Arenas
Drydock salvage Reijka
Robson bight Fuel truck recovery
Doc crane positioning Rouen (F)
Dry dock removal Reijka
Naphta STS
Drill pit GRT de France
Falk firefighting training
Platform leg removal
500m Pipeline salvage

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Water in its Purest Form has Powerful Cleaning Abilities

Ultra pure water naturally absorbs dirt and air pollution particles commonly found in ports and urban areas, whereas tap water, which contains minerals and dirt, does not.  


Furthermore, when used in a simultaneous rinsing method with a CrystalWash spray brush, dirt is flawlessly knocked off surfaces and impurities are removed leaving a perfectly spot-free surface.   


Washing down requires considerably less detergent -- only the most persistent, greasy stains require a spray of soap.

In the long term, regular use of ultra pure water significantly slows the natural progression of clouding and fading of surfaces, and subsequently reducing the need for polishing and buffing -- which cause micro-scratches -- resulting in lasting durability of shiny surfaces.

CystalWash recommends the occasional application of a UV-Protective polishing/non-beading liquid to support this brilliance.


Regular rinsing down with a CrystalWash spray gun removes impurities that accumulate on a daily basis or on very salty sailing days without requiring the hours typically needed to wipe down. 

For example, when using CrystalWash to rinse down a 25m motor yacht with a fly bridge, the task can be completed by just one person in about an hour -- including rinsing the hull.  And, after an hour of natural drying (at approx. 25X C) and no wiping, you can be certain to have impeccable surfaces without any trace of streaks or water marks.