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We supply North European best shipyards with high-end products from:


  • Opacmare: building gangways, side doors, bathing platforms, tender cranes, side boarding ladders, tender launch systems and many more.

  • Seasmart: beautiful deck equipment in Stainless steel or Aluminium specially for tenders. cleats, locking equipment, sun awning systems deck fillers.

  • Deco Daylight: day light decoration panels with LED back light in up to 7200K to create in guest, crew accommodations a day light environment.

  • Fendertex: newly designed textile fenders to reduce storage needed on board and easy handling

OPACMARE Europe North

Opacmare has been operating in the yacht and superyacht components market since 1995. Over the past few years, Opacmare has undergone exponential expansion in terms of products and turnover at its main production plant in Rivalta – Turin, gaining market shares and allowing the company to expand globally

Opacmare is now the world’s leading producer of top quality accessories for yachts and super yachts and collaborates with leading shipyards in all five continents.

The Group’s structure, the numbers, the certificates and a catalogue of over 5000 products all express the company’s profile and commanding character. 

OPACMARE Europe North


Seasmart is a leader in the design and manufacture of marine hardware and boating equipment, with a huge catalog of standard products and a production department to manufacture “custom” items for any requirements.


Seasmart has established itself as a reliable partner for all those who look for innovative and functional solutions, with unique Italian style. The service we offer to our customers starts with the development of the project and ends with the manufacture of the object.


All products are designed by the technical department and made entirely in Italy, mainly in-house. Seasmart: passion for the sea, quality for passion!



Foresti & Suardi was born in Predore in 1961, thanks to the passion and competence of the homonymous founders.

A passion and competence that characterize the whole area of ​​Lake Iseo, territory of artisans masterpieces famous in the world.


Deco DayLight has developed an innovative, LED illuminated ceiling: It simulates a beautiful cloudy sky in bright daylight. This type of ceiling is a great choice for poorly lit rooms where the ceiling will then convey the sensation of a pleasant natural sight: A healthier environment, in other words, with the added benefit of energy saving. These 'virtual reality' type of LED "windows" are very decorative: Featuring natural landscapes and cloudy skies, they are not just a pleasant sight. They also create a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.


You can place our cloud and nature landscape ceilings practically in any type of room or situation. Various companies and organisations use them already. The ceilings help to create a healthier working environment which in turn might result in less frequent sick leaves, too.

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Eetzaal cruiseschip
Passagiershut cruiseschip


The design of this fender, in textile material has been designed to reduce storage of fenders on board considering the specifications on the following specific issues.


  • The force of an extreme pressure and traction equivalent or superior to the current product in the market.

  • Make it more lightweight for a comfortable handling

  • Give it an aesthetic aspect by using textile material

  • Be resistant to UVB by using a thread dyed in the mass

  • Its design avoid to keep the salt

  • The ovoid shape obtained from the points of reduction of the extern cover, keep it in the original position on the hull

  • Provide cylindrical and spherical shapes

  • We were accompanied by yachting professionals, captains and industrial and technical partners and we have integrated their input in the design

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