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Chateau Latour, Paulliac

The challenge:

Supply and delivery of a landing pontoon with walk-bridge in the tidal river Gironde, at Pauillac at Chateau “Latour” location, tidal differences ca. 5meter


Pontoon dimensions 5x6m draft ca. 40cm

Equipped with two spud poles L 13m

Railings and safety equipment 

Total weight 14 Ton

Navigation lights & deck lights (powered by solar cells and battery)

Walk-Bridge Length 25m, width 1m, weight 2.2 Ton

All equipment Certified Bureau Veritas


To have a safe and smooth installation within one day positioning with 2 liftings only.

Works carried out:

Prepared foundation to land walk-bridge, holding force 10Te

Installing ground anchors holding force 5Te

Lifting and installing the walk-bridge

Lifting pontoon fully equipped to it’s position and postion the spud poles 


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